Questioning Autism? App is Available!

I’m proud to announce that our iOS app Questioning Autism? is available in the App store!

Questioning Autism? is an iOS app designed to help concerned parents understand the signs and symptoms of autism, and to convey their observations to their pediatrician. The app features 12 simple questions, and the ability to share the observations with notes via email. Parents and caregivers can track a child’s progress over time, and save their observations for multiple children. Also included are helpful resources and the ability to share the app socially.

Questioning Autism? was inspired by our own difficulties explaining our concerns to our pediatrician, and the delays in getting help for our son that ensued. My hope is that this app can help some other parents avoid these problems. The app was built by Netsoft-USA in collaboration with one of their long-standing clients, Active Health Management. Ideally, Questioning Autism will be built for other platforms, in multiple languages, and possibly include a Web-based version as well.

So far, feedback on the app has been incredibly positive, with some parents saying they wish an app like this had been available before they got their diagnosis, others suggesting it would be a great tool for friends and family to help them understand what their child is going through. An ABA therapist even mentioned that the app could help raise awareness among clinicians and doctors in other countries who are unfamiliar with the signs of autism.

If you are curious, or know someone who might be having concerns about their child, I'd be grateful if you'd share the app with them. And, if you can take a moment to rate or review the app, even better!

Available on the App Store


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