Labeling It

Here's a moment of pure, unadulterated joy. The twins (C on the left, M on the right) seem to be growing closer lately. Part of it may be more intensive group play during C's ABA therapy, but I suspect another reason is that we've begun to explain to M what is happening with his brother.

We've identified it simply as "C's ASD," and it's a label we use to explain things both confusing and wonderful. In some ways, M seems to be adopting the role of big brother (even though he's actually four minutes younger): he's become more affectionate and attentive toward C and, at times, intensely protective. Giving C's autism a label, without going into too much detail, seems to be demystifying it for M, turning a frightening unknown into an understandable known.

It raises the question, of course: how and when do we introduce this label to C? When would he even understand it?