The twin bond

Sharing a moment, playing an app We didn’t experience the almost supernatural bond between our boys that many other twin parents talk about…the secret language, the shared connection.

In fact, what we experience most of the time is two kids who exist not just apart from one another, but in separate worlds. Two boys who share almost no interests, as different from one another as any siblings can be (physical similarities aside).

And yet there are these moments when a bond does make itself apparent, its existence indisputable. For example, seeing C revel in M's enjoyment of an iPad app (see photo above), or finding them sleeping together, arms and legs entangled, faces an inch or two apart.

I now know they are connected — perhaps not in that special twin way, if such a thing even exists. But I know that, despite my earlier fears, my boys love one another very much. Even a newfound sibling rivalry is welcomed, because it means engagement, entanglement, connection.

And, once again, I find myself letting go of “normal" or “typical.” (What is normal or typical anyway?) Instead, when I can let go of those expectations, I find myself open to experiencing something else, something even better.