An Incomplete Picture

dancing-fingers@2x In a few hours we’ll be meeting with the neuropsychologist who has just completed a weeks long, detailed evaluation of our son, the purpose of which will be to help us (and the DOE) determine the best path forward for his education and, to some extent, his life.

C’s had evaluations in the past, and while there’s often some very nice stuff reported, there’s a lot of stuff that’s very hard to hear...stuff that would fill any parent with anxiety and despair.

And yet, today, as I wait to hear the results of the most extensive evaluation he’s had to date, I'm feeling surprisingly (to me, at least) calm.

I’ve learned that no evaluation paints a complete portrait of my son. No evaluation can capture the amazing, wonderful bits of his personality that will never come out in a controlled setting like a psychological evaluation, but which pop up every few minutes during everyday life.

So, yeah: this evaluation is going to be difficult and gut-wrenching. But there's no way I’ll let it change my opinion of my boy.