A Friend In Need

Lewis P is in the hospital.

Who is Lewis P and how do I know this? He's a boy who goes to school with C, and he's also one of the first and only people C has ever mentioned to us. In fact, C has described him as "his friend," a proclamation so profound and surprising I don't think I could ever forget the name.

I asked C if he had played with him today. "No, Lewis P is at the doctor."

"He's not at school?"

"No, he's at the doctor."

C says a lot of unusual things, so I asked my wife about it. Her expression was grim. "Yes, I heard he was in the ICU."

So now there's this. A little boy I don't even know, but who has distinguished himself to me by being my son's first official friend, and now he's apparently in the hospital.

I don't know you, little Lewis, but I hope you will be back at school soon. There's a little boy I know who would like to have his friend back.