Fear Itself

Losing one's hair can have its advantages: in my case, it's been accompanied by the understanding that some emotions are mostly useless and often harmful. Here I refer in particular to regret and fear.

As parents of a child on the spectrum, we regret not noticing the signs earlier, or losing our temper, or feeling ashamed. We fear a future of loneliness and despair, of financial ruin, or simply the bullies lying in wait.

But that's no way to live. I try to learn from my regrets and move on quickly. As the Buddhists say, acknowledge the thought like holding onto a balloon momentarily, then let it float away.

As for fear, I can only do so much to control what could or might be, and dwelling in anxiety often means missing all the good that's happening here and now.

I was inspired by this excellent post. Give it a read.